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Makeover Studio is designed as a transformation space.

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The place where the top-of-the-line Makeup Art meets with coloring and shaping of hair in, first of all, a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. Makeover Studio is the place where your ideas are performed and improved in the best way. The place you will return with always new ideas for always new occasions, always over and over again.

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Haircutting and blowing ...

  Everything always moves from well-groomed, perfectly cropped hair. It is then possible to form such a hair in a wide variety of ways, from rectification and to the most varied braids and festive hairstyles. Whether you maintain a length, you want a radical change or just a nice hair in which you will enjoy, we are at your disposal. Festive hairstyle ...   For important occasions, it's important to choose something that is right for you. Come and show us what inspires you, and we will tailor your desire to your hair and face shape, and come up with a way to make it look all the better and completely unique. When festive hairstyles are concerned, it is important for us to make them so they last for a long time, but they are perfectly flicker.


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Let yourself be noticed. Coloring in blue, regardless of the length of the hair and the shade you choose, will look like a villa from the most beautiful fairytale.

Hair treatment with keratin keeps your hair, restores it, restores its natural shine and at the same time corrects it. Restore your elegance and quality of your hair.